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Further Evidence For Zero Crossing On The Three Gluon Vertex

Authors: Anthony G. Duarte, Orlando Oliveira, Paulo J. Silva

Ref.: Pays. Rev. D94, 074502 (2016)

Abstract: The three gluon one particle irreducible function is investigated using lattice QCD simulations over a large region of momentum in the Landau gauge for four dimensional pure Yang-Mills equations and the SU(3) gauge group. The results favor a zero crossing of the gluon form factor for momenta in the range 220−260 MeV. This zero crossing is required to happen in order to have a properly defined set of Dyson-Schwinger equations. It is also shown that in the high momentum region the lattice results are compatible with the predictions of renormalisation group improved perturbation theory.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.94.074502

URL: journals.aps.org