Dynacool Quantum Design Physical Properties Measuring System (PPMS)

PPMS equipped with a 9 T superconducting magnet for measurements in the temperature range 1.8 K-400 K including:

  1. VSM (vibrating sample magnetometry). An oven option expands the temperature range up to 1000 K.
  2. AC (high and low impedance) and DC resisivity, magnetoresistance, Hall effect, I(V) and dI/dV curves (ETO and BRT-Resistance-bridge options).
  3. Specific heat.
  4. Thermal transport option for simultaneous measurement of thermal conductivity, resistivity and termopower (Seebeck constant).
  5. Multi-function probe (for custom experiments).
  6. Horizontal sample rotator.
  7. Torque magnetometer.
  8. High pressure cell (3.0 GPa) for resistivity measurements.

The PPMS DynaCool is built as a closed-cycle system that never needs to be filled with liquid cryogens. It is able to generate the liquid helium needed for operation via a two-stage Pulse Tube cooler, to cool both the superconducting magnet and the sample chamber, providing a low vibration environment for sample measurements. The instrument employs a unique 4He-based gas flow control system enabling fast temperature cycling and accurate temperature control. An Adiabatic Demagnetisation Refrigerator (ADR) can be fitted to allow measurements of electrical transport properties down to 100 mK.

Built-in CryoPump (< 10^-4 Torr) for high vacuum applications.

VSM sensitivity: 2×10^-7 emu (10 sec. avg.), 1 x10^-6 emu (1 sec. avg.)

DC resistivity: Current Range: 2 nA to 8 mA,; sample Resistance Range: Up to 5 MΩ.

AC resistivity: 1nV sensitivity, 10 nΩ resolution at 100 mA; AC drive amplitude 10 nA to 100 mA; resistance range from 10 µΩ to 5 GΩ.

Specific heat resolution: 2 nJ/K @2 K.

Torque magnetometry sensitivity: 1 x 10^-7 emu at 9 T.

Acquired July 2014 and managed by José António Paixão

Location: TAIL-UC Trace Analysis and Imaging Laboratory (F.16)

How can you have access to it?

This instrument is available to the UC scientific community, external scientific community and industrial users under the general UC policy for access to the UC analytical platforms. Please contact the instrument responsible or TAIL-UC director for details of instrument availability and usage charge rates.


Standard Operating Procedure

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Loosely mounted samples and noise in VSM

VSM thermal drift of sample centering and touchdown procedure

Six things to consider before performing electrical transport measurements

Van der Pauw measurement instructions using resistance bridge

Typical Data

Electrical resistivity of FeSe superconductor (ETO option)

Hysteresis cycles of multiferroic materials (VSM)

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