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2024 [LaTeX]


Chapters of Books

1 - Neutron star equation of state: identifying hadronic matter characteristics
Constança Providência, Tuhin Malik, Milena Bastos Albino, Márcio Ferreira
Talyor & Francis accepted (2024)


International Journals

2 - Sampling the Materials Space for Conventional Superconducting Compounds
Tiago F.T. Cerqueira, Antonio Sanna, Miguel A.L. Marques
Adv. Mater. 36(1), 2307085 (2024)

3 - Tension On and Off in Atwood´s Machine: The Advantage of Video Analysis
N. Campos, S. Domingos, P. Silva, M. Silva
Phys. Teach. 62 (1), 32-36 (2024)

4 - High-refractive-index materials screening from machine learning and ab initio methods
Pedro J.M.A. Carriço, Márcio Ferreira, Tiago F.T. Cerqueira, Fernando Nogueira, Pedro Borlido
Phys. Rev. Mater. 8, 015201 (2024)

5 - Tuning the AIE Properties of Di-tert-Butyl-diphenyldibenzofulvene Derivatives
Carla Cunha, Mariana Peixoto, José A. Paixão, Marta Pineiro, J. Sérgio Seixas de Melo
J. Phys. Chem. C 128(3), 1156-1164 (2024)

6 - Unveiling the red and brownish-green polymorphs of a novel ROY derivative: 2-(4-((3-cyanothiophen-2-yl)amino)-3-nitrophenyl)acetic acid
Bernardo Nogueira, Susana Lopes, Ana Clara Beltran Rodrigues, M. Ermelinda Eusébio, Vânia André, M. Teresa Duarte, José Paixão, Teresa Pinho e Melo, Rui Fausto
Cryst. Growth Des. 24(3), 947-962 (2024)

7 - Isoscaling in dilute warm nuclear systems
A Rebillard-Soulie, R Bougault, H Pais, B Borderie, A Chbihi, C Ciampi, Q Fable, J Frankland, E Galichet, T Genard, D Gruyer, N Le Neindre, I Lombardo, O Lopez, L Manduci, M Parlog, G Verde
J. Phys. G 51 (1), 015104 (2024)

8 - On the mechanochemical synthesis of C-scorpionates with an oxime moiety and their application in the copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) reaction
C Gomes, M Costa, SMM Lopes, BA Nogueira, R Fausto, JA Paixao, TMVDE Melo, LMDRS Martins, M Pineiro
New J. Chem. 48, 874-886 (2024)

9 - Towards Uncovering Dark Matter Effects on Neutron Star Properties: A Machine Learning Approach
Prashant Thakur, Tuhin Malik, T.K. Jha
Particles 7, 80-95 (2024)

10 - Stress Evaluation Through the Layers of a Fibre-Metal Hybrid Composite by IHD: An Experimental Study
J.P. Nobre, T.C. Smit, R. Reid, Q. Qhola, T. Wu, T. Niendorf
Experimental Mechanics (accepted for publication) (2024)

11 - Sunspots Identification Through Mathematical Morphology
S Bourgeois, T Barata, R Erdélyi, R Gafeira, O Oliveira
Sol. Phys. 299(2), 10 (2024)

12 - Rapid neutron star cooling triggered by dark matter
A. Ávila, E. Giangrandi, V. Sagun, O. Ivanytskyi, C. Providência
Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. (2024)

13 - The Automatic Identification and Tracking of Coronal Flux Ropes -- Part II: New Mathematical Morphology-based Flux Rope Extraction Method and Deflection Analysis
A. Wagner, S. Bourgeois, E. Kilpua, R. Sarkar, D. Price, A. Kumari, J. Pomoell, S. Poedts, T. Barata, R. Erdélyi, O. Oliveira, R. Gafeira
Astron. Astrophys. (2024)

14 - A new approach to the 3-momentum regularization of the in-medium one and two fermion line integrals with applications to cross sections in the Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model
Renan Câmara Pereira, Pedro Costa, Constança Providência, João Moreira
Phys. Rev. C accepted (2024)

15 - Building models of quarks and gluons with an arbitrary number of colors using Cartan-Polyakov loops
Renan Câmara Pereira and Pedro Costa,
Nucl. Phys. B 998, 116415-24 (2024)

16 - Synthesis of Highly Luminescent Silica-Coated Upconversion Nanoparticles from Lanthanide Oxides or Nitrates Using Co-Precipitation and Sol-Gel Methods
A Iglesias-Mejuto, A Lamy-Mendes, J Pina, BFO Costa, C Garcia-Gonzalez, L Duraes, V Paun
Gels 10 (1), 13 (2024)

Portuguese Journals

17 - Os pêndulos comunicadores!
Constança Providência, Rita Wolters
Gazeta de Física - Vamos Experimentar! 46 -3, 21-22 (2024)


18 - Exposição: 50 anos de Ciência no Feminino: a Voz das Mulheres na UC
Lucília Brito, Constança Providência, Rita Wolters
Rómulo Centro de Ciência da UC (2024)

19 - Four Gluon Vertex from Lattice QCD
M. Colaço, O. Oliveira, Paulo J. Silva
arXiv:2401.12008 [hep-lat] (2024)