Scientific equipment

X-ray diffraction

Bruker ApexII single-crystal X-ray diffractometer
Bruker D8 Advance X-ray powder diffractometer
INEL120 X-ray powder diffractometer
In-situ X-ray diffraction chamber
Laue XRD camera
Phillips PW1500/35 X-ray powder diffractometer
Proto iXRD portable residual stresses and retained austenite measurement system
SET-X portable X-ray diffractometer
Seifert strain and stress diffractometer with Ge solid state detector


NT-MDT NTEGRA Prima Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM)
Nicolet-Thermo iN10 MX infrared imaging microscope
Nikon OPTIPHOT metallographic polarizing microscope
TESCAN Vega3 SBH SEM (Scanning electron microscope)

Spectrometry and Spectroscopy

Bruker Quantax 100 Easy EDX system
Hitachi EA6000VX X-Ray Fluorescence equipment
Jasco RMP-100 Raman micro-probe spectrometer
Mossbauer spectrometers
Perturbed Angular Correlations (PAC) spectroscopy system
Thermo ICAP-Qc ICP-MS (Induced Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer)

Magnetometry and Transport Properties

Dynacool Quantum Design Physical Properties Measuring System (PPMS)


Closed Cycle He Cryostat ARS-202
Oxford Cryostream 700
Oxford Cryostream plus
Oxford N-helix cryostat

Sample preparation

Annular wheel saw
Endecotts shaker and sieves
Foster Flow FAST H horizontal laminar flow chamber
Fritsch P0 vibratory ball mill
Fritsch P6 planetary ball mill
MTI EQ-YLJ-12T hydraulic press
Milestone Start D Microwave Digestor
Milestone Sub Pur, sub boiling acid distillation unit
Physical Vapor Deposition System
Plas-lab 818-GB/EXP Glove Box
Quorum SC7620 Mini-sputter coater
RADWAG AS/60/C/2 analytical balance
Streurs Lobotom 3 manual cutoff machine
Struers Minitom precision cut-off machine
Struers Pedemax-2 Polishing machine
Struers Prestopress-3
Thermolab MLM120 Furnace
Two furnaces 1000 C

Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis

Parkin-Elmer STA6000 simultaneous TG/DSC thermal analysis
Perkin Elmer Pyris Diamond DSC


Cluster Adamastor
Cluster Centaurus


Hydrogen charging setup (Sievert apparatus)
Lauda Eco Gold thermostatic bath
Parker Nitroflow N2 generator
Q-SUN XE-3 Xenon Test Chamber
Setup for measurement of second harmonic generation by the Kurtz and Perry method
Sinocera d33 piezoelectric meter