Nicolet-Thermo iN10 MX infrared imaging microscope

Infrared microscope/spectrometer with mapping and imaging capabilities with low-noise CCD camera, DTGS and MCT-A detectors. Transmission, reflection and ATR modes (Ge tip).


  1. DTGS: 7600-450 cm^-1 @ room temperature.
  2. MCT-A: 7600-650 cm^-1 LN2 cooled, S/N 25000:1 @4cm^-1 resolution (2100-2200 cm^-1, 2 min).
  3. MCT linear array: 7600-615 cm^-1 LN2 cooled , S/N 500:1 @16cm^-1 resolution (2100-2200 cm^-1, 25 microns spatial resolution, 4 scans), S/N 160:1 @16cm^-1 resolution (2100-2200 cm^-1, 10 microns spatial resolution, 4 scans).


  1. Permanently aligned 15X, 0.7 N.A. (half angle range 20° to 43.5°). Objective with built-in purge collar ring and dovetail mount for SlideOn ATR crystal. Working distance 16 mm.
  2. Multi-coated KBr/germanium beam-splitter.
  3. High resolution 1/3" color digital camera USB2 with 1024 x 768 XGA low-noise CCD.

Mapping and Imaging capabilities:

(Scan area 1.2x1.2 mm, spatial resolution 25 μm, spectral resolution 16 cm-1, single scan collection)

  1. mapping: 4.5 min, 10 s/step
  2. imaging: 20 s, 10s/step

Acquired June 2013 and managed by José António Paixão

Location: TAIL-UC Trace Analysis and Imaging Laboratory (F.16)

How can you have access to it?

This instrument is available to the UC scientific community, external scientific community and industrial users under the general UC policy for access to the UC analytical platforms. Please contact the instrument responsible or TAIL-UC director for details of instrument availability and usage charge rates.


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