Bruker Quantax 100 Easy EDX system

Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry system based on a Bruker Xflash 410 M Silicon Drift Detector, with a 133 eV energy resolution (Mn Ka) @ 100 kcps. The detector has an effective area of 10 mm^2 and is cooled by a Peltier element. The elements in the range B (5) to Am (95) can be identified and quantified. The software module uses a standardless PB-ZAF method for quantification. This system is installed in the VEGA3 Tescan SEM. Line and area elemental mapping are fully integrated in the SEM software.


  • Easy-EDX (Tescan)
  • Esprit (Bruker)

  • Acquired July 2015 and managed by José António Paixão

    Location: TAIL-UC Trace Analysis and Imaging Laboratory (F.16)

    How can you have access to it?

    This instrument is available to the UC scientific community, external scientific community and industrial users under the general UC policy for access to the UC analytical platforms. Please contact the instrument responsible or TAIL-UC director for details of instrument availability and usage charge rates.


    Standard Operating Procedure


    EDS microanalysis training

    Typical Data

    EDS mapping of a sample of polycrystalline FeSe, showing the presence of unreacted Fe particles