Polyakov-loop–extended chiral models – improvements and challenges

By: Rainer Stiele

From: University Tours, France

Abstract: Polyakov-loop extended chiral models, as the PNJL and Polyakov-Quark- Meson (PQM) models allow to investigate the phase structure and thermodynamics of strongly-interacting matter. It is shown how one can include the quark backreaction on the gauge-field dynamics and it is demonstrated that this is crucial to achieve results that agree with non-perturbative calculations. The impact of such unquenching effects in the Polyakov-loop potential on the phase structure at non-vanishing quark densities is discussed. Furthermore, the necessity to improve the description of the gauge part of the strong interaction with phenomenological Polyakov-loop Potentials will be motivated and current ways to improve will be outlined.

Room: Sala de Conferências

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 14:00