Constraining the equation of state of dense matter through compact stars thermal emission

By: Nicolas Baillot

From: University of Lyon, France

Abstract: Neutron stars are one of the most dense objects in the universe. They are made of a totally degenerated fermion gas, but their precise interior composition remains unknown. Several scenarios exist and some of them predict phase transitions from ordinary nuclear matter to mesons condensates, hyperonic matter, quark gluon plasma in the core, or even absolutely stable strange quark matter. In order to adress this problem, we present a new empirical model for purely nucleonic matter which is able to mimic several existing nuclear models. We show the possibility to put some constraints on the equation of state describing a purely nucleonic interior in order to reproduce observational data coming from thermal emission of low mass X-ray binaries (using Chandra and XMM-Newton observatories). We simultaneously analyse 6 sources with a stretch move algorithm from Monte Carlo by Markov Chains Methods. We will also investigate the possibility of a phase transition using this framework, particularly to quark matter.

Room: Sala de ConferĂȘncias

Date: Friday, April 28, 2017 at 14:00