DOPPLER - DevelOpment of PaloP knowLEdge in Radioastronomy

DOPPLER is a partnership between Portuguese and Mozambican institutions to foster ongoing collaborations in particular, those dealing with Radioastronomy, Earth Observations, matching similar African-Europe capacity building projects targeting Anglophone countries in the region. DOPPLER includes initiatives to further those ongoing endeavours, with advanced training on areas such as biodiversity, food security, and resource management. Of most importance, DOPPLER will foster science, industry and government linkages through training and knowledge transfer.

Status: Concluded

Starting date: 28/Aug/2018

End date: 27/Aug/2020

Financing: 299.278 Euros

Financing entity: FCT, Aga Khan Development Network

Project ID: 333197717

Person*month: 0

Group person*month: 0