Cost Action CA-22153: European Curvature and Biology Network (EuroCurvoBioNet)

Cells and tissues interact with their physical environment, and can sense via mechanical signalling the presence and geometry of external boundaries. A key descriptor of boundary shape is the surface curvature and it has been indeed shown that surface curvature influences cell and tissue behaviour. The processes of growth and remodelling allow these boundaries to be moved and shaped by cells, thus creating a fundamental feedback between the development of form, biological response and the physics of the surrounding environment. Although these ideas go back to the classic work “On Growth and Form” from D’Arcy Thompson, only now do we have tools to investigate these topics in a quantitative and predictive manner. This COST Action will establish an interdisciplinary network of researchers from biology, mathematics, physics and materials science involved in researching the interplay between curvature and biology. The main objective is to bridge the inherent gap between these disciplines by helping researchers develop a common language to exchange ideas and by training them in the use of state-of-the-art tools from cell-biology, time-resolved 3D imaging, discrete geometry, additive manufacturing and computational biophysics. This COST Action will stimulate new research and inspire technical innovation having applications in understanding the progression of disease, tissue even in broader field of the efficient use and application of biological materials in sustainable applications.

Status: Running

Starting date: 19/Apr/2024

End date: 19/Apr/2024

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