Projecto Bilateral - Polymorphism - From molecular crystals to mesomorphic phases

Polymorphism of molecular compounds is a common phenomenon, and the choice of a specific solid-state form of a substance is often crucial to modulate the desired properties of a particular material.Liquid crystal and plastic crystal mesophases, as well as glass phases, due to their particular structural features, have potential for several practical applications. However, the design and synthesis of a specific solid form is far to be predictable. The current project aims at giving a contribution to fundamental knowledge concerning: i) the scientific rationalization of the capability of molecular compounds to give rise to mesophases or to glass phases; ii)the understanding of structure-molecular dynamics relationships in these phases. The selected methodology includes the comparison of thermal behavior, solid state structure and molecular dynamics of groups of compounds (some of them mesomorphic or glass forming) chosen in order to have, within each group, systematic molecular differences.

Status: Running

Starting date: 1/Jan/2017

End date: 30/Dec/2019

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Financing entity: FCT

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