150 years of the scientific activity of the Geophysical Institute of the University of Coimbra: history and heritage of the Earth and Environment sciences in Portugal

The HISTIUGC project aims to contribute to an in-depth and multifaceted view of the scientific and institutional history of the Geophysical Institute of the UC (IGUC). Created in 1864, the IGUC was one of the first university institutions in the country to establish a continuous program of geophysical observations, according to the guidelines of the most renowned European observatories at the time; possessing today a unique and valuable collection of long series of meteorological, geomagnetic and seismological data, of indispensable value in the current geophysical and climatic studies, which is urgent to study and disseminate. Another major objective is the cataloging, study and restoration of its scientific instruments, in order to include IGUC in a national and international roadmap of scientific and cultural heritage, which, supported by a broad program of scientific dissemination, will promote a better understanding of the history and importance of geoscience among the different publics.

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Starting date: 1/Sep/2018

End date: 1/Sep/2021

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