The main goal of the project is to continue the COIMBRALATT6 DECI-16 project, where we proposed to compute the gluon, ghost and quark propagators in Landau gauge, including the effects of the dynamical fermions, at finite temperature via lattice QCD simulations with non-perturbative improved Clover fermions. At high temperatures and densities, hadronic matter undergoes a phase transition towards strong interacting quark-gluon plasma, where quarks and gluons behave as almost free particles. This phenomenon is called deconfinement. Furthermore, at sufficient high temperatures, chiral symmetry is restored. Our goal is to compute the two-point correlation functions (gluon, ghost and quark propagators) at finite temperature accessing in particular their infrared properties and looking for signs of the deconfinement transition, chiral symmetry restoration and on the behavior of the spectral representation associated to each of the propagators.

Status: Running

Starting date: 1/Aug/2021

End date: 31/Aug/2022

Financing: 28000000 corehours Euros

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Project ID: DECI-17 17DECI0063

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