Stellar matter at subsaturation densities: neutron star crust and supernova

The present project is dedicated to the study of thematter in the inner crust of neutron stars, and in the core of supernovae : in such conditions, we expect to deal with a non-homogeneous medium whose properties are determined by the in-medium nuclear interaction around and below saturation density. The nuclear density functional in this region can be investigated experimentally ; in particular, the future exotic-beam facilities such as Spiral2/Ganil and, in the longer term, Eurisol, will bring new data on nuclear structure and dynamics, which will be of great importance for a better knowledge of the isospin dependence of the nuclear Equation of State (EOS) at saturation and sub-saturation density. More accurate measurements of the neutron-skin thickness, as expected for instance from the PREX experiment (Pb Radius Experiment, at Stevenson Laboratory) for 208Pb, will also bring important new constraints. On the other hand, understanding the physics of the nonhomogeneous matter present in compact stars is of fundamental importance for the interpretation of the astrophysical observations. The transport and elastic properties, which strongly depend on the structures present in the medium, are basic inputs for the modelization of phenomena such as core-collapse supernova explosions, neutron-star cooling, glitches, starquakes, and X-ray transients. The tasks we will perform address central issues in this field, such as : - How to constrain the equation of state of nuclear matter from compact star properties or from laboratory measurements such as the ones planned for the next-generation of exotic radioactive beam facilities? - How is the non-homogeneous phase changing the neutrino opacity? - What would be the consequences of exotic configurations such as the pasta phases (highly non-spherical clusters) for the physical properties of compact stars ?

Status: Concluded

Starting date: 1/Jan/2011

End date: 31/Dec/2013

Financing: 105keuro Euros

Financing entity: FCT

Project ID: PTDC/FIS/113292/2009

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