POCI/FP/81923/2007 - Asymmetric nuclear matter: from the lab to neutron stars

Study nuclear matter properties isospin dependent and propose physical quantities which impose constraints on the EoS of nuclear matter. - Describe nuclear and stellar matter at subsaturation densities using relativistic hadronic models with density dependent couplings - Build an EoS within relativistic hadronic models adequate for supernova simulations - Describe spin modes in nuclear matter under the influence of strong magnetic fields and collective modes in spherical hypernuclei within the framework of relativistic hadronic models. - Study the deconfinement phase transition at finite temperature and baryon number density in the framework of phenomenological models, and, in particular, the isospin dependence of the transition densities. - Study the EoS of stellar matter under the influence of strong magnetic fields. - Understand the pseudo-spin symmetry for anti-nucleons and the importance of including short range correlations. - Evaluate center of mass corrections to systems of nucleons interacting through sigma and omega exchange

Status: Concluded

Starting date: 15/Nov/2007

End date: 14/Nov/2008

Financing: 25.000 euros Euros

Financing entity: FCT

Project ID: POCI/FP/81923/2007

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