MagNStar: Magnetized neutron star matter: equation of state, properties, and structure of magnetars

Neutron stars are among the most compact objects known in the Universe. Due to the extreme conditions that are attained in their interior, which are not reproducible on Earth, they constitute an excellent laboratory for many branches of physics, in particular, for nuclear, particle and condensed matter physics. Among neutron stars, magnetars display a wide range of X-ray activity attributed to the evolution of their ultrastrong magnetic field, which originates large stresses in the neutron star crust. A correct description of the crust is necessary to understand the star activity, together with the evolution of the magnetic field. In this project, we will calculate for the first time the inner crust equation of states, the collective excitations under these exotic conditions, and transport coefficients, essential to modulate the evolution of magnetars, but which also have applications in other branches of physics, such as plasma physics and material science.

Status: Concluded

Starting date: 1/Jun/2018

End date: 31/May/2021

Financing: Euros

Financing entity: FCT (FEDER and OE)

Project ID: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029912

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