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Gouy phase of type-I SPDC-generated biphotons

Authors: F.C.V. de Brito, I.G. da Paz, Brigitte Hiller, Jonas B. Araujo, Marcos Sampaio

Ref.: Phys. Lett. A 386 (2021)

Abstract: We consider a double Gaussian approximation to describe the wavefunction of twin photons (also called a biphoton) created in a nonlinear crystal via a type-I spontaneous parametric downconversion (SPDC) process. We find that the wavefunction develops a Gouy phase while it propagates, being dependent of the two-photon correlation through the Rayleigh length. We evaluate the covariance matrix and show that the logarithmic negativity, useful in quantifying entanglement in Gaussian states, although Rayleigh-dependent, does not depend on the propagation distance. In addition, we show that the two-photon entanglement can be connected to the biphoton Gouy phase as these quantities are Rayleigh-length-related. Then, we focus the double Gaussian biphoton wavefunction using a thin lens and calculate a Gouy phase that is in reasonable agreement with the experimental data of D. Kawase et al. published in Ref.

DOI: 10.1016/j.physleta.2020.126989