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Assessment of the critical behavior in the multiferroic Bi0.8Ba0.1Er0.1Fe0.96Cr0.02Co0.02O3 material, multi-substitution effect on magnetic and Mössbauer properties

Authors: A. Benali, M. Bejar, E. Dhahri, E. Hlil, M.P.F. Graca, M.A. Valente, B.F.O. Costa

Ref.: J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 524, 167640 (2021)

Abstract: The magnetic properties, Mössbauer and the critical behavior of the compound Bi0.8Ba0.1Er0.1Fe0.96Cr0.02Co0.02O3 prepared by sol-gel are the subject of this study. The compound has an R3c structure and exhibits a ferromagnetic to paramagnetic phase transition c.a. 574 K. A theoretical adjustment of the hysteresis cycles at room temperature show two magnetic contributions: Ferromagnetic (FM) and Antiferromagnetic (AFM) with a predominance of the first contribution. Mössbauer spectroscopy revealed two Fe3+ cations differently coordinated. Magnetic measurements versus magnetic field reveal that the sample exhibits a second order magnetic phase transition. The Curie temperature ​​and the critical exponents (β, γ and δ) were determined by different techniques. These values are in agreement with the ones predicted by the mean field model.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2020.167640.