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Bosonic dark matter in neutron stars and its effect on gravitational wave signal

Authors: D. R. Karkevandi, S. Shakeri, Violetta Sagun, O. Ivanytskyi

Ref.: Phys. Rev. D 105, 023001 (2022)

Abstract: We study an impact of self-interacting bosonic dark matter (DM) on various observable properties of neutron stars (NSs). The analysis is performed for asymmetric DM with masses from few MeV to GeV, the self-coupling constant of order O(1) and various DM fractions. Allowing a mixture between DM and baryonic matter, the formation of a dense DM core or an extended dark halo has been explored. We find that both distribution regimes crucially depend on the mass and fraction of DM for sub-GeV boson masses in the strong coupling regime. From the combined analysis of the mass-radius relation and the tidal deformability of compact stars including bosonic DM, we set a stringent constraint on DM fraction. We conclude that observations of 2  M⊙ NSs together with Λ1.4≤580 constraint, set by LIGO/Virgo Collaboration, favor sub-GeV DM particles with low fractions below ∼5%

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.105.023001

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