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Effect of the δ meson on the instabilities of nuclear matter under strong magnetic fields

Authors: A. Rabhi, C. ProvidĂȘncia, and J. Da ProvidĂȘncia

Ref.: Physical Review C 80, 025806 (2009)

Abstract: We study the influence of the isovector-scalar meson on the spinodal instabilities and the distillation effect in asymmetric nonhomogenous nuclear matter under strong magnetic fields of the order of 1018-1019 G. Relativistic nuclear models both with constant couplings (NLW) and with density-dependent parameters (DDRH) are considered. A strong magnetic field can have large effects on the instability regions giving rise to bands of instability and wider unstable regions. It is shown that for neutron-rich matter the inclusion of the δ meson increases the size of the instability region for NLW models and decreases it for the DDRH models. The effect of the δ meson on the transition density to homogeneous β-equilibrium matter is discussed. The DDRHδ model predicts the smallest transition pressures, about half the values obtained for NLδ.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.80.025806