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Constraints on the fermionic dark matter from observations of neutron stars

Authors: Violetta Sagun, E. Giangrandi, O. Ivanytskyi, I. Lopes, K. A. Bugaev

Ref.: Proceedings of Science (PoS), Proceedings of the Particles and Nuclei International Conference (PANIC2021) 380, 313 (2021)

Abstract: We study the impact of asymmetric fermionic dark matter on neutron star properties, including tidal deformability, mass, radius, etc. We present the conditions at which dark matter particles tend to form a compact structure in a core of the star or create an extended halo around it. We show that a compact core of dark matter leads to a decrease of the total gravitational mass and tidal deformability compared to a pure baryonic star, while the presence of a dark matter halo increases those observable quantities. By imposing the existing astrophysical and gravitational wave constraints set by LIGO/Virgo Collaboration together with the recent results on the spatial distribution of dark matter in the Milky Way we determine a new upper limit on the mass and fraction of dark matter particles inside compact stars. Furthermore, we show that the formation of an extended halo around a NS is incompatible with the GW170817 tidal deformability constraint.

DOI: 10.22323/1.380.0313

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