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Quasi-equilibrium configurations of binary systems of dark matter admixed neutron stars

Authors: RĂ¼ter, H.; Sagun, V.; Dietrich, T

Ref.: Phys. Rev. D 108 (12), 124080 (2023)

Abstract: Using an adapted version of the SGRID code, we construct for the first time consistent quasi-equilibrium configurations for a binary system consisting of two neutron stars in which each is admixed with dark matter. The stars are modelled as a system of two non-interacting fluids minimally coupled to gravity. For the fluid representing baryonic matter the SLy equation of state is used, whereas the second fluid, which corresponds to dark matter, is described using the equation of state of a degenerate Fermi gas. We consider two different scenarios for the distribution of the dark matter. In the first scenario the dark matter is confined to the core of the star, whereas in the second scenario the dark matter extends beyond the surface of the baryonic matter, forming a halo around the baryonic star. The presence of dark matter alters the star`s reaction to the companion`s tidal forces, which we investigate in terms of the coordinate deformation and mass shedding parameters. The constructed quasi-equilibrium configurations mark the first step towards consistent numerical-relativity simulations of dark matter admixed neutron star binaries.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.108.124080

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