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Study of physical properties of the Li0.5MgFe1.5O3.5 ferrite nanoparticles

Authors: Jeidd, A; Amghar, M; Mabrouki, A; Benali, A ; Trabelsi, A; Dhahri, E; Khirouni, K; Costa, BFO

Ref.: RSC Adv. 13(19), 12906-12916 (2023)

Abstract: In the present research study, the structural, optical, magnetic, electrical and dielectrical properties of the spinel ferrite Li0.5MgFe1.5O3.5, synthesized using a sol-gel auto-combustion method were studied. X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and Raman spectroscopy revealed that this sample crystallizes in a cubic spinel structure with space group Fd3m. Moreover, the optical investigation by UV-visible spectroscopy has revealed that the band gap for our sample is (E-g = 2.87 eV), which shows that our compound is a potential candidate for optoelectronic applications. The values of the remanent magnetization M-r = 0.13 emu g(-1), of the coercive field H-C = 4.65 Oe deduced from the hysteresis loop, are very low, suggesting the superparamagnetic behavior of our sample. Additionally, the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) is -19% affirmed that Li0.5MgFe1.5O3.5 ferrite is a good candidate for detecting infrared radiation and infrared bolometric applications. Indeed, the activation energies were calculated from the imaginary part of the impedance, the electrical conductivity, and the imaginary part of the modulus, thus demonstrating that the charge carriers involved in the processes of conduction and relaxation are the same.

DOI: 10.1039/d2ra07970d