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Neutron star equation of state: identifying hadronic matter characteristics

Authors: Constança Providência; Tuhin Malik; Milena Bastos Albino; Márcio Ferreira

Ref.: Talyor & Francis accepted (2024)

Abstract: The general behavior of the nuclear equation of state (EOS), relevant for the description of neutron stars (NS), is studied within a relativistic mean field description of nuclear matter. Different formulations, both with density dependent couplings and with non-linear mesonic terms, are considered and their predictions compared and discussed. A special attention is drawn to the effect on the neutron star properties of the inclusion of exotic degrees of freedom as hyperons. Properties such as the speed of sound, the trace anomaly, the proton fraction and the onset of direct Urca processes inside neutron stars are discussed. The knowledge of the general behavior of the hadronic equation of state and the implication it has on the neutron star properties will allow to identify signatures of a deconfinement phase transition discussed in other studies.

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