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Structural, Dielectric, Electrical, and Magnetic Characteristics of Bi0.8Ba0.1Er0.1Fe0.96Cr0.02Mn0.02O3 Nanoparticles

Authors: Bougoffa, A.; Benali, E.M.; Benali, A.; Tozri, A.; Dhahri, E.; Gra├ža, M.; Valente, M.; Costa, BFO

Ref.: Crystals 14 (5), 445 (2024)

Abstract: Bi0.8Ba0.1Er0.1Fe0.96Cr0.02Mn0.02O3 (BBEFCMO) multiferroic ceramic was synthesized through the sol-gel route. The impact of incorporating various dopants into both A and B sites of the BiFeO3 was investigated, and structural, Raman, dielectric, electric, and magnetic properties were studied. X-ray diffraction analysis and Raman spectroscopy revealed a rhombohedral structure with the R3c space group for the doped material (BBEFCMO). Dielectric properties were examined across a frequency range of 10(2)-10(6) Hz. The present multiferroic material exhibits a colossal dielectric constant and minimal dielectric loss tangent, making it suitable for applications in energy storage. Furthermore, the Cole-Cole type of relaxation was deduced from the imaginary part of the modulus for both grain and boundary-grain contributions. Overall, this study indicates that substituting ions in both A and B sites of BiFeO3 significantly enhances its multiferroic properties, as evidenced by dielectric and magnetic measurements.

DOI: 10.3390/cryst14050445