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A baryons in neutron stars

Authors: Marquez, K.D.; Menezes, D.P.; Pais, H.; Providência, C.

Ref.: Phys. Rev. C 106 (5), 055801 (2024)

Abstract: By applying a relativistic mean-field description of neutron star matter with density dependent couplings, we analyze the properties of two different matter compositions: nucleonic matter with A baryons and nucleonic matter with hyperons and A baryons. The A-meson couplings are allowed to vary within a wide range of values obtained by experimental data, while the hyperon-meson couplings are fitted to hypernuclear properties. Neutron star properties with no deconfinement phase transition are studied. It is verified that many models are excluded because the effective nucleon mass becomes zero before the maximum mass configuration is attained. Hyperon -free compact stars with A-dominated composition are possible: the deltic stars. It is found that with a convenient choice of parameters the existence of deltic stars with 80% of A baryons at the center of the star is possible. However, the presence of hyperons lowers the A baryon fraction to values below 20% at the center and below 30% at 2-3 saturation densities. It is discussed that, in the presence of A baryons, the hyperon softening is not so drastic because A´s couple more strongly to the w meson, and the stiffness of the equation of state is determined by the w dominance at high densities. The speed of sound reflects very well this behavior. The compactness of the pulsar RX J0720.4-3125 imposes xpA > xwA > 1 and favors xpA > 1

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.106.055801