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Warm “pasta” phase in the Thomas-Fermi approximation

Authors: Sidney S. Avancini, Silvia Chiacchiera, Débora P. Menezes, and Constança Providência

Ref.: Physical Review C 82, 055807 (2010)

Abstract: In the present article, the “pasta” phase is studied at finite temperatures within a Thomas-Fermi (TF) approach. Relativistic mean-field models, both with constant and density-dependent couplings, are used to describe this frustrated system. We compare the present results with previous ones obtained within a phase-coexistence description and conclude that the TF approximation gives rise to a richer inner “pasta” phase structure and the homogeneous matter appears at higher densities. Finally, the transition density calculated within TF is compared with the results for this quantity obtained with other methods.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.82.055807