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Hadron-quark phase transition in asymmetric matter with boson condensation

Authors: Rafael Cavagnoli, Constança Providência, and Debora P. Menezes

Ref.: Physical Review C 83, 045201 (2011)

Abstract: In the present work we study the hadron-quark phase transition with boson condensation in asymmetric matter by investigating the binodal surface and extending it to finite temperature to mimic the QCD phase diagram. We consider a system with two conserved charges (isospin and baryon densities) using the Gibbs’ criteria for phase equilibrium. To obtain these conditions we use two different models for the two possible phases, namely, the nonlinear Walecka model (NLWM) for the hadron matter (also including hyperons) and the MIT bag model for the quark phase. It is shown that the phase transition is very sensitive to the density dependence of the equation of state and the symmetry energy. For an isospin asymmetry of 0.2 and a mixed phase with a fraction of 20% of quarks, a transition density in the interval 2ρ0 < ρt < 4ρ0 was obtained for temperatures 30 < T < 65 MeV.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.83.045201