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Core-crust transition in neutron stars: Predictivity of densitydevelopment

Authors: Camille Ducoin, Jérôme Margueron, Constança Providência, Isaac Vidaña

Ref.: Phys. Rev. C 83, 045810 (2011)

Abstract: The possibility to draw links between the isospin properties of nuclei and the structure of compact stars is a stimulating perspective. In order to pursue this objective on a sound basis, the correlations from which such links can be deduced have to be carefully checked against model dependence. Using a variety of nuclear effective models and a microscopic approach, we study the relation between the predictions of a given model and those of a Taylor density development of the corresponding equation of state: this establishes to what extent a limited set of phenomenological constraints can determine the core-crust transition properties. From a correlation analysis, we show that (a) the transition density ρt is mainly correlated with the symmetry energy slope L, (b) the proton fraction Yp,t with the symmetry energy and symmetry energy slope (J,L) defined at saturation density, or, even better, with the same quantities defined at ρ=0.1 fm-3, and (c) the transition pressure Pt with the symmetry energy slope and curvature (L,Ksym) defined at ρ=0.1 fm-3.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.83.045810