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On relation between bulk, surface and curvature parts of nuclear binding energy within the model of hexagonal clusters

Authors: Violetta Sagun; K. A. Bugaev; A. I. Ivanytskyi

Ref.: Phys. Part. Nucl. Lett. 16, No. 6, 671-680 (2019)

Abstract: Using the model of hexagonal clusters we express the surface, curvature and Gauss curvature coefficients of the nuclear binding energy in terms of its bulk coefficient. Using the derived values of these coefficients and a single fitting parameter we are able to reasonably well describe the experimental binding energies of nuclei with more than 100 nucleons. To improve the description of lighter nuclei we introduce the same correction for all the coefficients. In this way we determine the apparent values of the surface, curvature and Gauss curvature coefficients which may be used for infinite nuclear matter equation of state. This simple model allows us to fix the temperature dependence of all these coefficients, if the temperature dependence for the bulk term is known. The found estimates for critical temperature are well consistent both with experimental and with theoretical findings.

DOI: 10.1134/S1547477119060517

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