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Open-charm mesons in nuclear matter at finite temperature beyond the zero-range approximation

Authors: C. E. Jimenez-Tejero, A. Ramos, L. Tolos, and I. VidaƱa

Ref.: Physical Review C 84, 015208 (2011)

Abstract: The properties of open charm mesons, D, Dbar, Ds, and Dbars in nuclear matter at finite temperature are studied within a self-consistent coupled-channel approach. The interaction of the low-lying pseudoscalar mesons with the ground-state baryons in the charm sector is derived from a t-channel vector-exchange model. The in-medium scattering amplitudes are obtained by solving the Lippmann-Schwinger equation at finite temperature including Pauli blocking effects, baryon dressing, as well as D, Dbar, Ds, and Dbars self-energies taking their mutual influence into account. We find that the in-medium properties of the D meson are affected by the Ds-meson self-energy through the intermediate DsY loops coupled to DN states. Similarly, dressing the Dbar meson in the DbarY loops has an influence over the properties of the Dbars meson.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.84.015208