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Hyperons in neutron star matter within relativistic mean-field models

Authors: Oertel, Micaela; Constanca Providencia ; Gulminelli, Francesca; Raduta, Adriana

Ref.: Journal of Physics G 42, 075202 (2015)

Abstract: Since the discovery of neutron stars with masses around 2 solar masses the composition of matter in the central part of these massive stars has been intensively discussed. Within this paper we will (re)investigate the question of the appearance of hyperons. To that end we will perform an extensive parameter study within relativistic mean field models. We will show that it is possible to obtain high mass neutron stars (i) with a substantial amount of hyperons, (ii) radii of 12-13 km for the canonical mass of 1.4 solar masses, and (iii) a spinodal instability at the onset of hyperons. The results depend strongly on the interaction in the hyperon-hyperon channels, on which only very little information is available from terrestrial experiments up to now.

DOI: 10.1088/0954-3899/42/7/075202