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Quark matter subject to strong magnetic fields: phase diagram and applications

Authors: Débora P. Menezes, Marcus B. Pinto, Constança Providência, Pedro Costa, Márcio Ferreira, Luis B. Castro

Ref.: Proceedings of the "XXXVII Brazilian Meeting on Nuclear Physics (XXXVII RTFNB)", Maresias, SP, Brazil, 8-12 September 2014 (2014)

Abstract: In the present work we are interested in understanding various properties of quark matter subject to strong magnetic fields described by the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model with Polyakov loop. We start by analysing the differences arising from two different vector interactions in the Lagrangian densities, at zero temperature, and apply the results to stellar matter. We then investigate the position of the critical end point for different chemical potential and density scenarios.