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Magnetized QCD phase diagram

Authors: Pedro Costa, Márcio Ferreira, Constança Providência

Ref.: Talk given at "HADRON 2017 - XVII International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure", Salamanca – Spain, 24-29 of September (2017)

Abstract: Presently the study of the phase diagram of QCD is the subject of both theoretical and experimental studies under extreme conditions of density and temperature. In particular, it is expected that the phenomenon of deconfinement occurs in relativistic heavy-ion collisions and in the interior of compact stars. Also the understanding of the effect of an external magnetic field on the structure of the QCD phase diagram is very important once extremely strong magnetic fields are relevant for compact objects like magnetars and are expected to affect measurements in heavy ion collisions at very high energies or the behavior of the first phases of the universe. We examine possible effects of an external magnetic field on the phase diagram structure of QCD. The study is performed using the Polyakov-Nambu-Jonas-Lasinio model. We focus on the influence of a magnetic field on the chiral and deconfinement phase transitions. Possible consequences of the Inverse Magnetic Catalysis effect on the QCD phase diagram at both finite chemical potential and temperature is analysed. We devote special emphasis on how the location of the Critical-End-Point (CEP) changes in a magnetized medium.