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Charmonium, Bottomonium, $B_c$ Mesons from Classical Pure SU(3) Yang-Mills Configurations

Authors: O. Oliveira, R. A. Coimbra

Ref.: hep-ph 0603046 (2006)

Abstract: A generalized Faddeev-Niemi ansatz for the gluon field is discussed. In its simplest parametrization, the ansatz allows a solution of the classical SU(3) Yang-Mills equations and from these solutions a confining potential for heavy quarkonia is defined. The investigation of charmonium and bottomonium proves that the potential is able to reproduce the spectra at the level of 3\% for charmonium and 1\% for bottomonium. Moreover, for charmonium the results for the semileptonic widths are in line with the other quark model calculations. For bottomonium, the semileptonic widths show good agreement with the recent CLEO measurements. The $B_c$ spectra is also investigated.