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Transversity distributions in the nucleon in the large Nc limit

Authors: P. Schweitzer, D. Urbano, M.V. Polyakov, C. Weiss, P.V. Pobylitsa, and K. Goeke

Ref.: Physical Review D 64 (3), 34013 (2001)

Abstract: We compute the quark and antiquark transversity distributions in the nucleon at a low normalization point (mu approximate to 600 MeV) in the large-N-c limit, where the nucleon can be described as a soliton of an effective chiral theory (chiral quark-soliton model). The flavor-nonsinglet distributions deltau(x)-deltad(x) and delta(u) over bar (x)-delta(d) over bar (x) appear in leading order of the 1/N-c expansion, while the flavor-singlet distributions deltau(x)+deltad(x) and delta(u) over bar (x) + delta(d) over bar (x) are nonzero only in next-to-leading order. The transversity quark and antiquark distributions are found to be significantly different from the longitudinally polarized distributions Deltau(x) +/-Deltad(x) and Delta(u) over bar (x) +/-Delta(d) over bar (x), respectively, in contrast with the prediction of the naive nonrelativistic quark model. We show that this affects the predictions for the spin asymmetries in Drell-Yan pair production in transversely polarized pp and p (p) over bar collisions.