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EPR: Copenhagen interpretation has got what it takes

Authors: J. M. Domingos, F. Nogueira, M. H. Caldeira, and F. D. dos Aidos

Ref.: European Journal of Physics 17, 125-130 (1996)

Abstract: The Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen paradox, in Bohm's version, is re-examined with emphasis on the spin correlation operators, which represent the correlation in the mathematical theory as created in our mind. It is justified, in this approach, that these spin correlation operators acquire the status of physical concepts only in the context of a specific coincidence electronic set up, involving joint measurements in both subsystems. The analysis concurs with Bohr's point of view and it is held that inside Copenhagen interpretation there is no paradox. Attention is drawn to some adjacent problems such as Copenhagen interpretation, measurement theory and the applicability of the ignorance interpretation to quantum mixtures.