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Second virial coefficients of light nuclear clusters and their chemical freeze-out in nuclear collisions

Authors: K. A. Bugaev, O. V. Vitiuk, B. E. Grinyuk, Violetta Sagun, N. S. Yakovenko, O. I. Ivanytskyi, G. M. Zinovjev, D. B. Blaschke, E. G. Nikonov, L. V. Bravina, E. E. Zabrodin, S. Kabana, S. V. Kuleshov, G. R. Farrar, E. S. Zherebtsova, A. V. Taranenko,

Ref.: Eur. Phys. J. A 56, 293 (2020)

Abstract: Here we develop a new strategy to analyze the chemical freeze-out of light (anti)nuclei produced in high energy collisions of heavy atomic nuclei within an advanced version of the hadron resonance gas model. It is based on two different, but complementary approaches to model the hard-core repulsion between the light nuclei and hadrons. The first approach is based on an approximate treatment of the equivalent hard-core radius of a roomy nuclear cluster and pions, while the second approach is rigorously derived here using a self-consistent treatment of classical excluded volumes of light (anti)nuclei and hadrons. By construction, in a hadronic medium dominated by pions, both approaches should give the same results. Employing this strategy to the analysis of hadronic and light (anti)nuclei multiplicities measured by ALICE at center of mass collision energy 2.76 TeV and by STAR at center of mass collision energy 200 GeV, we got rid of the existing ambiguity in the description of light (anti)nuclei data and determined the chemical freeze-out parameters of nuclei with high accuracy and confidence. At ALICE energy the nuclei are frozen prior to the hadrons at the temperature T=175.1+2.3−3.9 MeV, while at STAR energy there is a single freeze-out of hadrons and nuclei at the temperature T=167.2±3.9 MeV. We argue that the found chemical freeze-out volumes of nuclei can be considered as the volumes of quark-gluon bags that produce the nuclei at the moment of hadronization.

DOI: doi.org/10.1140/epja/s10050-020-00296-5

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