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The induced surface tension contribution for the equation of state of neutron stars

Authors: Violetta Sagun; I. Lopes; A. I. Ivanytskyi

Ref.: Astrophys. J. 871, 157 (2019)

Abstract: We apply a novel equation of state(EoS)that includes the surface tension contribution induced by interparticleinteraction and asymmetry between neutrons and protons, to the study of neutron star(NS)properties. Thiselaborated EoS is obtained from the virial expansion applied to multicomponent particle mixtures with hard corerepulsion. The considered model is in full concordance with all the known properties of normal nuclear matter,provides a high-quality description of the protonflow constraints, hadron multiplicities created during the nuclear–nuclear collision experiments, and equally is consistent with astrophysical data coming from NS observations. Theanalysis suggests that the best model parameterization gives the incompressibility factorK0, symmetry energyJ,and symmetry energy slopeLat normal nuclear density equal to 200 MeV, 30 MeV, and 113.28-114.91 MeV,respectively. The mass–radius relations found for NSs computed with this EoS are consistent with astrophysicalobservations.

DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/aaf805

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