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Residual Stresses Profiles of Cladded Austenitic Stainless Steel Evaluated by X-Ray Diffraction and by Incremental Hole-Drilling Method

Authors: M.J. Marques, A.C. Batista, L. Coelho, J.P. Nobre, A. Loureiro

Ref.: Materials Science Forum 768-769, 464-469 (2014)

Abstract: This work presents the evaluation of the residual s tresses profiles in austenitic stainless steel layers cladded by Submerged Arc Welding in ferritic steels. These welding cladded systems are commonly used in process equipments in chemical and petrochemical industries and in nuclear power plants. After the weld cladding process, the samples are su bjected to stress relaxation heat treatment and then milled in the austenic surface to obtain t he precise tolerances. The objective of this study is to follow the changing of the residual str esses state profiles in the samples. The residual stresses were first evaluated by X ray dif fraction technique at the austenitic stainless steel free surface and then by the incremental hole drilling method in the depth. The results show compressive residual stress profil es at all stainless steels surfaces, presenting different values in depth. From the results it seem s that the treatment made at 620 o C during 1 hour is more efficient.

DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.768-769.464