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Assessment of structural, optical, magnetic, magnetocaloric properties and critical phenomena of La(0.57)Nd(0.1)Sr(0.18)Ag(0.15)MnO(3)system at room temperature

Authors: Gharbi, S; Marouani, Y; Issaoui, F; Dhahri, E; Hlil, EK; Barille, R; Costa, BFO

Ref.: J. Mater. Sci. Mater. Electron., 11983-11996 (2020)

Abstract: In this research paper, our central focus is upon structural, optic, magnetic, magnetocaloric, and critical phenomena of La0.57Nd0.1Sr0.18Ag0.15MnO3 (LNSMAO) compound. This compound is crystallized in the rhombohedric system, with a R3−c space group. The band gap energy of this powder was 2.5 eV. Therefore, the LNSAMO sample proved to be not only a photocatalysis material but also a photovoltaic application. The FTIR spectra confirmed the formation of the structure of orthorhombic perovskite. The second-order transition of the magnetic phase in the LNSMAO sample was also reported by the positive slopes of the Arrott plot. Beneath 5 T, the values of magnetic entropy change and relative cooling power, respectively, amounted to about 5.08 J kg−1 K−1 and 146.7 J/Kg. In perspective, this sample stands for an agreeable candidate for magnetic refrigeration. By analyzing the dependence on the field of the magnetic entropy change (ΔSM) data as well as the relative cooling power (RCP), it was possible to assess the values of the critical exponents. Moreover, the critical exponents of LNSMAO compound were estimated based on multiple techniques like Kouvel-Fisher (KF), modified Arrott plot (MAP) method, and critical isotherm analysis (CIA). The reliability of these critical behaviors was verified by the Widom scaling relation and the universal scaling hypothesis. Our results demonstrate an excellent correlation between magnetocaloric effect (MCE) properties in manganese systems and critical behavior.

DOI: 10.1007/s10854-020-03780-2