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TOI-1338: TESS First Transiting Circumbinary Planet

Authors: Kostov, VB; Orosz, JA; Feinstein, AD; Welsh, WF; Cukier, W; Haghighipour, N; Quarles, B ; Martin, DV; Montet, BT; Torres, G; Triaud, AHMJ; Barclay, T; Boyd, P; Briceno, C; Cameron, AC; Correia, ACM; Gilbert, EA; Gill, S; Gillon, M; Haqq-Misra, J; Hellier,

Ref.: Astron. J. 159(6), 253 (2020)

Abstract: We report the detection of the first circumbinary planet (CBP) found by Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). The target, a known eclipsing binary, was observed in sectors 1 through 12 at 30 minute cadence and in sectors 4 through 12 at 2 minute cadence. It consists of two stars with masses of 1.1 M⊙ and 0.3 M⊙ on a slightly eccentric (0.16), 14.6 day orbit, producing prominent primary eclipses and shallow secondary eclipses. The planet has a radius of ~6.9 R⊕ and was observed to make three transits across the primary star of roughly equal depths (~0.2%) but different durations—a common signature of transiting CBPs. Its orbit is nearly circular (e ≈ 0.09) with an orbital period of 95.2 days. The orbital planes of the binary and the planet are aligned to within ~1°. To obtain a complete solution for the system, we combined the TESS photometry with existing ground-based radial-velocity observations in a numerical photometric-dynamical model. The system demonstrates the discovery potential of TESS for CBPs and provides further understanding of the formation and evolution of planets orbiting close binary stars.

DOI: 10.3847/1538-3881/ab8a48