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Assessing shot peening residual stresses by using the incremental hole-drilling technique and laser interferometry (DSPI)

Authors: .P. Nobre, M. Oliveira, A. Albertazzi, M. Viotti, A.C. Batista, L. Coelho, M. J. Marques

Ref.: Advanced Materials Research 996, 269-276 (2014)

Abstract: The incremental hole-drilling technique was applied to determine residual stress profiles in shot-peened steel layers. The accuracy of using an enhanced Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry technique for measuring the strain relaxation arising around the drilled holes and, consequently, the in-depth residual stress distribution induced by shot-peening, was evaluated. The experimental results were systematically compared with those determined using standard electric strain-gauges. The X-ray diffraction technique was chosen as reference due to its high accuracy to determine shot-peening residual stresses.

DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.996.269