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Evaluation of Stress-Strain Behaviour of Surface Treated Steels by X-ray Diffraction

Authors: L. Coelho, A. C. Batista, J. P. Nobre, M. J. Marques

Ref.: Central European Journal of Engineering 2(1), 91-95 (2012)

Abstract: X-ray diffraction assisted four-point bending method (XRDABM) enables to analyze the evolution of surface stress with the strain during bending of specimens. This experimental methodology was used to characterize the stress-strain behavior of two plasma nitriding steels, DIN 40 Cr Mn Mo 7 and DIN 32 Cr Mo V 13, with gradients of mechanical properties across the surface layers, allowing the characterization of the in-depth evolution of the local yield strength in the nitrided layer. The results show a significantly increase of the yield strength of the nitride layers and a good agreement between the in-depth evolution of the yield strength and the XRD peak breadth for the two nitrided steels.

DOI: 10.2478/s13531-011-0051-4