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Residual Stress Fields after Heat Treatment in Cladded Steel of Process Vessels

Authors: M. J. Marques, A. C. Batista, J. Rebelo-Kornmeier, M. Hofmann, J. P. Nobre, A. Loureiro

Ref.: Materials Science Forum 681, 364-369 (2011)

Abstract: The influence of the heat treatment on the residual stress fields of weld cladded samples is discussed in this paper. The samples were elaborated from carbon steel plates, cladded in one of the faces with stainless steel filler metals by submerged arc welding. After the cladding process some of the samples were submitted to heat treatments with different parameters: one at 620 degrees C for a holding time of 1 hour and the other at 540 degrees C for a period of ten hours. The in-depth residual stress profiles were determined by neutron diffraction. The results shown that the sample treated to 620 degrees C, presented the highest residual stress relaxation. The corresponding heat treatment has the industrial benefit to be shorter than the other heat treatment.

DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.681.364