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A Study on Elastic-Plastic Impact Friction

Authors: Nobre, J.P., Dias, A.M. and Gras, R.

Ref.: International Journal on the Science and Technology of Friction, Lubrication and Wear, Wear 230 (2), 133-145 (1999)

Abstract: A purpose-built pendulum machine was used to study the oblique impact and the behaviour of the surface layers of a normalized low alloy steel subjected to the impact of hard a -alumina balls. The effect of relative tangential velocity on impulses, restitution coefficient and impact energy loss, was analysed. The morphology of the impact indentations was characterized and related to the impulses obtained. There was lip formation in the target material with ejection of a small fragile oxidized chip, at a certain critical sliding speed. The impact duration and the impulse ratio have maximum values. These values seem to be related to the critical angle of attack, common in abrasive and erosive ductile processes. The experimental results were compared with some impact models and theories.