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Use of the Hole-drilling Method for Measuring Residual Stresses in Highly Stressed Shot-peened Surfaces

Authors: Nobre, J.P., Kornmeier, M., Dias, A.M. and Scholtes, B.

Ref.: Experimental Mechanics, an International Journal of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM-USA) 40 (3), 289-297 (2000)

Abstract: The same shot-peening treatment was applied to five steels with different mechanical properties. The induced residual stress profiles were analyzed using X-ray diffraction and incremental hole drilling (IHD). The results of both techniques showed that IHD can still be successfully used for measuring shot-peening residual stresses, even if these exceed the yield strength of the bulk material. Expected errors due to the plasticity effect are reduced by the strain hardening of the surface. For an assessment of the reliability of IHD data, strain-hardening variation was quantified by microhardness measurements to estimate the yield strength of the plastified layer. All the main calculation methods for IHD were applied. The results were compared and discussed with respect to the characteristics of each method.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02327502