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Induced drilling strains in glass fiber reinforced polymer composites

Authors: Nobre, J.P., Stiffel, J-H, Nau, A., Batista, A.C., Outeiro,A.C., van Paepegem, W., Scholtes, B.

Ref.: CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology 62 (1), 87-90 (2013)

Abstract: Residual strains induced by drilling of glass-fibre reinforced polymers (GFRPs) were determined using a hybrid experimental-numerical methodology. Experimentally, a set of GFRP specimens were drilled under well-defined tensile (calibration) stresses, using an especially designed tensile test device. To remove the effect of the initial residual stresses, this methodology considers differential stress values instead of absolute ones. Numerically, the experimental procedure was simulated using the finite element method. The induced drilling strains were determined by comparing the experimental measured strains with those calculated numerically. Clear differences between the selected drilling operations could be observed and evaluated. (C) 2013 CIRP.

DOI: 10.1016/j.cirp.2013.03.089