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Unified theory of quantized electrons, phonons, and photons out of equilibrium: A simplified ab initio approach based on the generalized Baym-Kadanoff ansatz

Authors: Pedro Miguel M. C. de Melo; Andrea Marini

Ref.: Physical Review B 93, 155102 (2016)

Abstract: We present a full ab initio description of the coupled out-of-equilibrium dynamics of photons, phonons, and electrons. In the present approach, the quantized nature of the electromagnetic field as well as of the nuclear oscillations is fully taken into account. The result is a set of integrodifferential equations, written on the Keldysh contour, for the Green’s functions of electrons, phonons, and photons where the different kinds of interactions are merged together. We then concentrate on the electronic dynamics in order to reduce the problem to a computationally feasible approach. By using the generalized Baym-Kadanoff ansatz and the completed collision approximation, we introduce a series of efficient but controllable approximations. In this way, we reduce all equations to a set of decoupled equations for the density matrix that describe all kinds of static and dynamical correlations. The final result is a coherent, general, and inclusive scheme to calculate several physical quantities: carrier dynamics, transient photoabsorption, and light emission, all of which include, at the same time, electron-electron, electron-phonon, and electron-photon interactions. We further discuss how all these observables can be easily calculated within the present scheme using a fully atomistic ab initio approach.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.93.155102