Multifunctional Materials

This group gathers researchers working on topics of hard condensed matter physics dealing with electrical, optical and magnetic properties of matter in several forms, from atomic clusters and isolated molecules to crystalline solids. It combines a good balance between theory, computational and experimental skills, potentiating synergies between such approaches to tackle a number of problems of current interest in condensed matter physics. A number of experimental techniques are available in-house for sample preparation and characterization (XRD, PAC, Mossbauer spectroscopy, positron annihilation, SEM, transport properties, specific heat, magnetometry, etc.).
 This group is a frequent user of large-scale facilities (ILL, ISIS, ESRF, PSI, TRIUMF) for neutron-scattering, synchrotron radiation and muSR work. Topics currently being investigated include: multiferroic compounds, topological insulators, novel superconduting materials, exotic 4f and 5f compounds (heavy-fermion, multi-k), low-dimensional molecular magnets, high-k oxides and semiconductors, new efficient materials for non-linear optics, and explaining the mechanisms of colour emission in chromophore molecules of biological systems from TDDFT ab-initio calculations.

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